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9 Reasons Why You Need To Work At Onswipe

9 Reasons Why You Need To Work At Onswipe

//This originally appeared on the Onswipe company blog

Most companies get asked: “So why should I join your startup?” It’s a very very valid question. I figured it would be good to take the time out to explain why Onswipe is a great startup to join and try to translate the exact reasons why I love leading this team.

You Get To ReWrite the Rules And Help Make The Web Beautiful

The web is inherently an ugly place. We’re getting there with design, but sites with great design are far and few between in the grand scheme of things. With tablets, we get to rewrite all of the rules for the first time in decades. Think about it: publishers and content owners know they can start from scratch with design. They know design can be a lot like what the world has grown up with print design – beautiful typography, photography, and a personal experience. We won’t have this chance again for a very long time. The work you do with us will define the way an entire generation experiences the news and content itself. Many startups talk about changing the world, but few do it. We are one of those rare examples.

The Technical And Design Challenges In Touch+HTML5 Are A Blast

Building for the touch web and tablets in the browser is new territory for most. New interfaces will be created, new code that people can actually touch, and more needs to be created. A year ago the technology we’re building could not have even been done. The iPad didn’t exist and HTML5 was still in its infancy. In reality it still is, but that’s the fun part. The web will be your playground and you will get to tackle the technical challenges of making it an awesome place again.

We’re Going After a Big Long Term Vision

We’re in this for the long haul. When you get to meet us, you’ll here our vision and how mind numbingly huge it is. It’s going to take time and a lot of smart people like yourself. Money is the by-product of doing great things, so we’re not worried about smaller offers or building for a quick flip. We’re going to build great things and the money to build for the long haul will come. Reinventing the web and the media world is not a small mission. So many talented individuals join companies that may be successful, but the hunger and passion hits a ceiling. There’s nothing else in the world we could see ourselves doing for the next decade and beyond. Come help us reach those goals together, we can’t go it alone.

We’re Backed By The Best Funds In The Game

So what about money now? We’re backed by the best funds in the game with a deep domain expertise of media meeting technology.

  • Spark Capital, the original investors in Twitter, Tumblr, and Boxee.
  • Betaworks, who is behind bit.ly, chartbeat, and tweetdeck.
  • SV Angel, which is the fund where Ron Conway his investing. http://bhorowitz.com/2010/04/07/ron-conway-explained/
  • Morado Ventures, which is a fund started by Ash Patel and Mike Marquez. Ash literally built most of Yahoo! and was Chief Product Officer. Mike ran M&A for Yahoo! and later CBS Interactive. Their LPs are all early Yahoo!
  • ENIAC Ventures, which is a mobile focused fund. Nihal, their founding partner was an original angel in Admob, which sold to Google for 750 million
  • Jennifer Lum (through Apricot Capital), who was a very early employee at Quattro wireless. Quattro was acquired by Apple and is now iAd
  • Dharmesh Shah, the cofounder and CTO of hubspot. Dharmesh pioneered the use of content marketing and inbound marketing by
  • Roy Rodenstein, who sold going.com to Aol and has a deep understanding of the startup market. He is a close mentor and friend.
  • Wayne Chang, who cofounded i2hub, one of the world’s largest file sharing networks.
  • Waikit Lau, a former VC at General Catalyst partners, serial entrepreneur, and recently cofounder of Scanscout that merged with Tremor Media.
  • Techstars NYC, which took 11 out of 579 applications. That’s under 2%.

These smart folks gave us money so we could team up with smart people like yourself.

You Will Have The Time Of Your Life

We’re having the time of our lives. It’s a lot of hard work, but we love what we do everyday and do not take it for granted. We get to solve a fun new problem and have a great rapport. We work hard, but we also play hard. Working with us on a daily basis won’t really feel like work. We’re based in NYC, which is the city that never sleeps.

We’re An Experienced Team

There’s always a lot more to learn, but we’ve accomplished some cool stuff so far. Andres cofounded Grooveshark and I’m a professional author with the Penguin Group. We’ve also worked before on Cloudomatic, which was acquired. To be an entrepreneur, you have to love it and damn do we love this stuff. We’ve seen the early days of startup life before. We’re also surrounded by smart people that will help us along the way when we get stuck.

You Will Be Very Well Compensated in Cash and Equity

We are still a startup, but we know we need the smartest possible people in the game. People are the greatest investment a company can make. You will also have a long term vested interest in the company through equity. We’re building a large company and that equity will be worth something due to smart people like yourself. Also add in health benefits and Apple equipment you’ll need.

We Hope You Will Start Your Own Company One Day

The best companies in the world are those that foster entrepreneurship and create the next generation. PayPal is famous for the PayPal mafia. We hope that what you learn through working with us at OnSwipe will give you the knowledge and resources to start your own company afterwards. We have access to great people and we’re more than willing to share that with you. We sit next to you and we’re transparent. Our knowledge is your knowledge.

Help Shape A Great Culture

You will be one of the first ten at Onswipe. We are all going to shape a culture for the next thousand that join us over the coming years. We know it’s going to be a fun place and tackling great challenges, but in reality we need you to help shape it. You get to literally help build the place that you will be working at. Help us make a great environment, we can not do it alone.

Hiring is hard for startups right now and it’s clearly you who is in the position of power. I’m passionate about bringing in great people and writing is often the way for me to do it. Have more questions? Email me: j@onswipe.com or Call me: 772.801.1058


-Jason L. Baptiste
CEO of Onswipe