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Apple Canvas (leak errr... predictions)

Leaked pic via @MattPRD

3 Things For This Morning

iPhone Update

  • 16/32/64 GB Capacities
  • No More 3G, only 3GS, including $99 price point
  • Verizon added

iPhone OS Update

  • Bunch of new features related to the iPhone.
  • Mobile Me/ iLife updates have heavy integration.
  • Most of the work done regarding to something new we want to show you.

One More Thing- Apple Canvas

  • Tablet like device.
  • It’s an accessory.  Basically an OLED screen where…
  • iPhone/iTouch plugs in.
  • New iPhone OS has updates to deal with tablet like gestures.
  • Apps know when they’re in tablet mode.
  • Insanely great for reading content.
  • Let’s hear from some publishers+developers (EA, Print publishers,etc.)
  • $399 price point
  • Available in March, Updated SDK today.