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Goodbye Wordpress. Hello Ghost!

Goodbye Wordpress. Hello Ghost!
Photo by Lan Gao / Unsplash

I've had my personal website on Wordpress since 2006 via MediaTemple.  It even inspired me to start my first company, Onswipe, which started out as a plugin for Wordpress and even powered the iPad version of Wordpress.com for a bit.  

So why switch?  Despite not writing much for almost 8 years I've had repeated hack attacks over the past few months.  It even cost me a 50x overage charge via MediaTemple. I'm handy with Wordpress and its codebase, but it's not worth the hassle of worrying about getting hit with a $1,000 bill out of nowhere or having my site redirect to Russian malware.  The security flaws of Wordpress are just too much to deal with.

I've known John O'Nolan, the founder of Ghost for a long time.  Fun Fact - He even helped design the first version of my blog back in 2010 when he was helping with WooThemes.  Ghost is simpler and more secure, with a great focus on writing, reading, and delivering newsletters. I recommend it over more centralized platforms like Medium or Substack.  Hopefully this site upgrade will  force me to start writing again.