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Microsoft "Goes Google" aka Even Microsoft Uses Google Apps (Pics Included)

I realized that you could see which domains did and didn’t use Google Apps (or at least signed up for it on that domain) by typing in: http://mail.google.com/a/companydomain.com .  Just replace companydomain.com with the domain name of the company you want to know about  I thought, wouldn’t it be funny if Microsoft used Google Apps?  Low and behold they do, and not for just one product, but a few.

The best one of all: They setup Google Apps for Office.com
(click on picture for full resolution)


What about XBox.com and Xboxlive.com? YUP.   (click on picture for full resolution)



Oh, but maybe Google displays this page for any and all domains.  WRONG.  Yahoo was smart enough to find some value in the $300 million+ spent on Zimbra to not use Google Apps.  Here’s what it looks like if you enter a domain that has not had Google Apps setup.  (click on picture for full resolution)


Maybe I’m reading into things more than I should.  Microsoft could have just set them up for no reason at all.  At best, this means they are careless.  If you’re so curious to study up on google apps, why not just use a random domain?  Odds are that’s not the case.  Most likely even their own company has “Gone Google”.

What other domains and companies have you found that have “Gone Google”??