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A Year on Hacker News

Most online communities turn to garbage over time.  There’s no formula as to why this happens exactly.  In the broader scheme of things, it probably has to do with the growth of the community and the signal to noise ratio.  Digg seemed to head down the tubes after V3 was released in mid 2006.  I’ve never been a big reddit user, but people seem to feel the community there has gone down the tube.  Facebook has long lost the intrigue it had when it was a real personal network back in 2004-2005.  Now I have somewheres along the line of 1400+ friends, most of which I know absolutely nothing about.  Twitter is still pretty enjoyable, but I feel that too will become overcrowded.

So where have I spent most of my time online in the past year?  NewsYC, Hacker News, HN, or whatever you want to call it.  It’s a news site for hackers + entrepreneurs that’s run by YCombinator + Paul Graham.    So I guess this is a thank you.

  • Thank you to the community for actually giving a shit and posting quality stories and comments.
  • Thank you to PG for taking the time to keep developing on the site and interact with us.
  • Thank you to the friends I’ve made via Hacker News. (auston, alaska miller, markbao, iamelgringo, nickleung, zyhder, skmurphy).    See, it’s actually more than an online community, a bunch of us have connected offline. Mark Bao is actually a cofounder with me at Ramamia.
  • Thank you for finally having a group joke/meme with Erlang.